About Us

Eventuell Database Inc is a qualified resource for all your mailing list and business data needs !!!
Technologies continue to transform companies and influence customer behaviour so is Eventuell Database Inc. There are always new ways to build real, meaningful relationships with your potential customers and create a sustainable revenue stream. Eventuell Database Inc with 11 years of experience in IT and with 8 Years of experience in Database, is the only one company that offers an SLA and 100% accurate prospect information. You only pay for the data you can consume!
We are one of the best email list providers in the world, offering the most accurate B2B marketing services and pre-qualified email conferencing solutions, specially designed to ensure a high response rate. We provide services to companies in all verticals around the world to achieve their sales goals with the highest return on investment at a reasonable price. We perform comprehensive data verification and deduplication to ensure that each of our customers stands out from the competition.
Our in-depth data experts develop and validate your existing database to ensure accuracy and delivery; make your sales channel a hot potential messenger by removing invalid and outdated information. We give companies the impetus to grow through our high-quality business data with targeted demographic, firmographic and geographic capabilities.
Our diversified branded B2B database allows you to effectively reach your target audience by providing a direct link to key decision-makers from small to medium-sized businesses to giant multinationals. With our enhanced data solutions and mailing lists, you can reach your customers anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the world with your exclusive offer/service/product.

Providing reliable Data with unbeatable Accuracy!

For more than 8 years , we have been helping our clients find targetable number of contacts and turn each new lead into a complete and detailed customer profile in seconds and minutes. We provide them with relevant information that will allow them to target their ideal customer profile with accurate, unavailable content and perfect contributions. Our products are supported by state-of the-art technology that offers unlimited possibilities.

Increase the efficiency of your reach with direct dialing: 

Eventuell Database Inc ultimately provides direct human-certified dialing, including mobile numbers with 70% availability. You can add these direct dial numbers directly to CRM in real-time.
  • We are an extension of your CRM and also of your team: Take advantage of the opportunity to obtain new data without having to leave your CRM application, with continuous high-level CRM.
  • Large coverage: Global coverage covers more than 200 countries worldwide. Our research teams are constantly on the move, adding new information, and updating and verifying the accuracy of our database.
  • Get to know your competitors better than ever before: Take an in-depth look at the competition of 7 million companies, which includes different technologies, services, platforms, company sizes, locations, industries, and other parameters.
  • Stay safe, stay in line: Eventuell Database Inc adhere to the collection of our business contact information and the processing of personal data. We bring processes into line with GDPR by enforcing strict rules on how we process, collect, and protect individual data.
Our Mission
Eventuell Database Inc “Quality Solutions” has continued this mission since its beginning. This is reflected in all projects carried out for our clients around the world. We believe that fulfilling this mission is a continuing journey, a faith strengthened by the repeated actions of our clients. Building an organization that continues to grow above industry standards inspires people to do unique, innovative things that create value and collaboration with our customers.

Our Vision

We have the simple and most effective beliefs: informed and well-planned decisions are better today than difficult decisions. In any business, the accuracy of decision making depends to a large extent on the underlying data.
Eventuell Database Inc, we provide clients with the data they need to better focus and get the most out of their marketing investment. Our data solutions are cost-effective and allow small businesses and large companies to communicate and make their customers happier by making fundamental changes to their communication methods, leads and customers.
Why Eventuell Database Inc?
  • We provide on-demand sales lists with targeted demographic, firmographic, and geographical selection.
  • Our robust and reliable business data solutions allow you to effectively address your target audience.
  • Our pre-qualified mailing lists provide a direct link to key decision makers who can conduct interviews.
  • Eventuell Database Inc optimizes your marketing by systematically collecting, recording, and analyzing data and information.
  • We offer a wide range of tradable B2B databases, from small and medium-sized enterprises to giant multinational companies.
  • We give companies a boost to grow through our high-quality business data.
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